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Main Advantages:

  • Ecological, environment-friendly products.

  • Well-established reliability of the provided solutions.

  • Easy maintenance, when needed.

  • High value for money ratios and competitive prices for all our products.
Biocore - Processing of Waste and Wastewater

BioCore is an ecological and completely safe chemical product which is used for water disinfection from pathogenic bacteria and viruses through mechanisms of oxide-reduction. BioCore does not produce disinfection by-products while it presents high stability, fact that places it to the non-dangerous loads. It has also higher lifetime against competitive products.

This product allows the production of clean oxygen while it dissolves the inorganic materials, it dissuades the formation of salt layer just as the creation of biological membranes from bacteria.

Biosonic Recyclone - High speed vertical attrition mill.

The Biosonic Recyclone is a high speed vertical attrition mill that uses a controlled and separated turbine of air, identical of the tornados, for treatment and homogenization of solid wastes, the removal of humidity and the decrease of the particle size.

The operating principles of Biosonic Recyclone are based on the utilization of the kinetic energy and constitutes a totally new concept at the processing of waste.