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Biocore - Processing of Waste and Wastewater

BioCore is an ecological and completely safe chemical product which is used for water disinfection from pathogenic bacteria and viruses through mechanisms of oxide-reduction. BioCore does not produce disinfection by-products while it presents high stability, fact that places it to the non-dangerous loads. It has also higher lifetime against competitive products.

This product allows the production of clean oxygen while it dissolves the inorganic materials, it dissuades the formation of salt layer just as the creation of biological membranes from bacteria. BioCore allows the production of 190 liters of clean oxygen for every liter of the union.

  • The electrolytic value at 18% is 722.
  • The PH rate is 2,0.
  • The concentration is 1,03.
  • The weight of the product is 1,023 kgr/lt.
Features and Benefits

  • High level oxygen control.
  • The last achievement in green chemical technology.
  • It does not contain any dangerous component and no volatile chemical bond (VOC).
  • It doesn't produce any dangerous secondary decomposition.
  • High value reactions of oxide-regression.
  • Non-halogenated.
  • Low odour.
  • Secure shipping, storage and operation.