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Biosonic Recyclone - High speed vertical attrition mill.

The Biosonic Recyclone is a high speed vertical attrition mill that uses a controlled and separated turbine of air, identical of the tornados, for treatment and homogenization of solid wastes, the removal of humidity and the decrease of the particle size.

The operating principles of Biosonic Recyclone are based on the utilization of the kinetic energy and constitutes a totally new concept at the processing of waste.

The Biosonic Recyclone has little to do with the technology which is used to the common hammer mills, to the low velocity chippers, to the revolving cutters and to the alike machinery for the decrease of the material volume. The machine uses the technique of breakage at high speed in combination with the effect of swirling which has as a result the reduction of the volume and the weight of solid wastes.

The mechanical action of this tooler does not resemble to the grinders that we know. The Biosonic is not a usual vertical hammer mill. This unit inserts new methods of treatment that have never been used to the hammer mills or to any kind of low velocity chippers.

Comparative advantages of Biosonic Recyclone against competitive products

  • It is not a vertical impact grinder.
  • Unlimited adjusting possibilities.
  • Kinetic energy impact.
  • Without close contact surfaces.
  • Humidity reduction.
  • Gyroscopic motion.
  • Turbine circulation.
  • Low cost per tonne.