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BioCel S.A is a company specializing on services concerning environmental protection and biological sewage treatment.

The sectors in which BioCel S.A provides specialised services are the following:

  • Solid Waste Management.
  • Treatment and biological cleaning of polluted waters (sewage stations, lakes, reservoirs etc).
  • Production of ecological fertilizers and ameliorative soil.

The criterion of success for BioCel S.A is the real resolution of environmental problems.

The specialisation and constant training on environmental subjects constitute the main objective for BioCel S.A and signal a prosperous course of the company in the Greek and international market.


Among our main customers are:

  • Cities and local authorities.

  • Large hotel complexes.

  • Factories with sewage stations installed.

  • Raw material treating companies.

  • Recycling companies.

  • Agriculture professionals (farmers, agriculturists).